National Haunted House Day

Support the adoption of NATIONAL HAUNTED HOUSE DAY on the second Friday in October.

The growth in popularity of Haunted Houses has inspired us as producers, vendors, and fans to campaign for a national holiday in recognition of our industry. We ask for your support in this initiative. There are several actions you can take to support the creation and adoption of National Haunted House Day!

  1. Sign this petition to the White House to declare National Haunted House Day.
  2. Send this letter to your Congressman or Congresswoman: Word DOCX | PDF
  3. Register your involvement in this initiative by filling out this form.
  4. If you are a haunted house producer or vendor, donate a portion of your sales on the second Friday in October to a local charity or community foundation of your choice and tell people about it! Send this press release out about your actions and support of National Haunted House Day: Word DOCX | PDF
  5. Add the NHHD Widget to your website or blog to show your support!
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Copy & paste the ready-to-go widget code below into your website code wherever you want the NHHD Widget to appear!

More about the Initiative

Haunted Houses and the industry around them have impacted popular culture in a permanent way. In recent history, over the past few decades at least, Haunted Houses have been slowly and methodically extending the celebration of Halloween and Horror well beyond a single night in October. Attending haunted houses has become a staple “to do” for a huge number of people across the country during that time of the year. 

We are artists, business owners, community leaders, charitable leaders, and by our initiative to establish this holiday we are united by a common vision and passion for an industry.  We ask you to join us in standing up together and asking that members of congress adopt legislation to enact a proposition to help make NATIONAL HAUNTED HOUSE DAY an official American holiday on the second Friday of October.

We further insist that haunted house across the country support this holiday by contributing to charitable causes on National Haunted House Day by donating a portion of their proceeds on the second Friday in October to a charity or nonprofit of their choice.